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Hi everyone! I just want to let everyone know that I have been overwhelmed with new student interest and I am currently not accepting any new students. I have a very long wait list and very little turn over. I truly feel bad turning people away! I am flattered with the amount of interest and hope to be able to help everyone in the future!

Thank you for understanding! - Jen




2020 Prices


          Lessons at OCF - Our lessons are not just riding. For the less experienced rider they include learning how to properly groom your horse before and after your ride. Tacking up and untacking your horse. How to catch, halter, and lead your horse. You learn all of these things in addition to your time in the saddle. We do this to give every student the full horsemanship experience. There are also opportunities to help with barn chores, training and show prep for students who are interested. We want every student to become a well rounded horse person. 
(Lesson fees are based on actual saddle time.) 

2020 Prices

½ hour private riding lesson (1x per week) $40.00 per lesson

½ hour private riding lesson (2x + per week) $35.00 per lesson

45 minutes semi private (2 riders) $35.00 each - per lesson (2x or more a week)

1-hour group (3 riders) $35.00 each

Miniature horse lessons

½ hour lesson $30.00

Semi private or group lessons  $30.00 each


   ***All lessons are to be paid monthly.  Payments need to be made before the first lesson of the month. All months have different numbers of weeks/days, please look at the calendar before writing your check. Also, if you plan to be away on vacation please notify me in writing when making your monthly payment.  This will give me time to fill your lesson spot while you are gone.


** Cancellation policy** Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your lesson. If you are unable to provide 24 hours notice, your lesson will be forfeited and the lesson fee will apply.  When you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled lesson, I not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have taken your spot.  Thank you for your understanding.

     I understand that sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule your appointments and that there are emergencies.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled lesson time, please notify me as soon as possible and we can try to work it out.

      In the event of inclement weather or instructor cancellation, lessons will be rescheduled with no penalty.


Training Board:  

        Jen uses a tried and true approach to starting young horses. She spent many years learning the techniques used by Joe and Patty Forest of Horton's farm. She starts all horses with long lining. This teaches them to accept the bit and rein pressure. It also allows them time to become comfortable with their tack. During this process horses become familiar with voice commands, which helps as training progresses. Long lining also helps to establish a bit of stamina and work ethic. When the horse has accepted their tack and long lining Jen moves on to slowly backing them. This is done with the horses comfort in mind. Jen never rushes these steps and lets the horse tell her when it is time to move forward. Once the horse has been successfully backed Jen slowly begins walking and trotting and moves forward from there.

        Jen believes that every horse has something to teach every rider, including her. As a trainer, she approaches each horse individually, learning what methods best achieve the mental and physical progression needed to help that horse attain his top level of athleticism.

         Jen has many years of experience with starting babies, continuing training that was previously started, showing and conditioning horses of all levels. If you are interested in getting your horse on the right track give us a call.

Training board has two options: 


Rider training

       Includes 4 lessons per month for the owner as well as full board for the horse.  This starts at $560.00 per month which includes 4 lessons per month, hay 3x per day, Blue Seal grain 2x a day (up to 6qts), clean stall daily, and daily turnout.  All horses that eat more than typically supplied, will be charged accordingly.


Horse Training:

      Training fee is $800.00 per month. This includes full board and horse being worked 5 times a week. Also, includes optional 1 lesson per week for owner.


Winter Board: 

November 1 - April 30 - Winter board will be $450.00 per month. This includes 

hay 3x per day, Blue Seal  grain 2x a day (up to 6qts), clean stall daily, blanket changing and daily turnout (weather permitting).  All horses that eat more than typically supplied, will be charged accordingly.

Showing fees are determined on a show by show basis.

Additional services:

     Grooming: $25.00

     Bathing: $25.00

     Show Clipping: $25.00

     Body Clipping: $100.00

     Mane Braiding: $50.00

     Tail Braiding:  $25.00


 **** Prices subject to change*****